Quality Visual Inspector, 1st

What you will be doing

PharMEDium produces compounded sterile products (CSPs) used for parenteral injection in the hospital setting. All finished CSPs must be visually inspected prior to shipment to the customer. In this role, the Quality Visual Inspector will be responsible for visually inspecting filled products according to a quality sampling plan to ensure no visible defects to product or packaging and no visible particulates in the filled product containers. This role will report to the Quality Supervisor responsible for the area or facility.
  • Determine the number of samples to inspect per batch as per ANSI/ASQ Z1. 4-2008.
  • Randomly select and inspect filled but unlabeled products for functional defects, particulates, and cosmetic defects under controlled inspection conditions.
  • Work independently following documented procedures in a Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) environment optimized to limit distractions to ensure appropriate attention to inspection details.
  • Apply labeling and perform subsequent packaging operations for CSP units.
  • Complete paperwork documenting inspection activities accurately and timely according to standard operating procedures and Current Good Documentation Practices guidelines.
  • Perform and document additional quality checks on products, as needed.
  • What your background should look like (minimum qualifications)

  • H. S. Diploma (or GED)
  • Pharmacy Technician Certification/License.
  • Demonstrated ability to read, understand, and follow detailed written procedures (Standard Operating Procedures).
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently in quiet environment for extended periods (job roles will be rotated to avoid fatigue).
  • Demonstrated attention to details.
  • Experience in Current Good Manufacturing Practices environment recommended, but not a requirement.
    • Must be detail orientated and quality minded.
    • Able to make routine decisions while following established guidelines and/or procedures.
    • Must be self-driven and able to internally motivate self.
    • Must have good written and oral communication skills.
    • Able to work independently for an extended period.
    • Able to work under bright light for 8+ hours per day.
    • Must have 20/20 unaided or corrected vision.
    • Must not be colorblind.
    • Must be able to lift and carry up to 25 lbs.

    Don't Be Fooled

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